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BoKyung Park

BoKyung Park

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
M.A., Social Psychology, Seoul National University, 2012
B.A., Psychology, Seoul National University, 2009


Current Research Projects

I study how cultural differences in desired emotions (or, "ideal affect") shape individuals' economic decision-making. For example, people are more generous towards others who show the affective states valued by their culture. Furthermore, I use neuroimaging to examine whether these behavioral effects can be explained by individuals' functional brain activity.

Honors & Awards

2015     Society for Affective Science Student Poster Award

2009     Graduation with honors, Summa cum laude

Selected Publications

Park, B., Tsai, J.L., Chim, L., Blevins, E., & Knutson, B. (2016). Neural evidence for cultural differences in the valuation of positive facial expressions. Social Cognitive and Affective Neurosicence11, 243-252.

Park, B. K., Choi, J. A., Koo, M., Sul, S., & Choi, I. (2013). Culture, self, and preference structure: Transitivity and context independence are violated more by interdependent people. Social Cognition, 31(1), 106-118.

Selected Presentations

Park, B., Tsai, J. L. & Knutson, B., “Americans donate more to recipients with excited expressions: Ideal affect drives donations in the dictator game.” Poster spotlight at Society for Affective Science, Chicago, IL.